Your inner athlete is dying to play!

April 2, 2009

cory-footballWhy do we think of athletes as only as those who play on a pro-team?  We are all athletes waiting to happen.  It is just that some of us haven’t yet discovered our natural inner athlete… we all have one. Whether you were a high school basketball star or a bookworm, each of us has an inner athlete.

We just have to find out what we think is fun.  Some people like golf, some like to walk, others like to swim.  Before we had ESPN2 and Workout Videos we had to engage in some sort of play and exercise. All animals engage in play… it’s in our genes. We just have to find it and let it out. 

Once you begin to experiment with different exercise classes and activities, you can find the one that fits best for you. To find your own personal balance you have to think of working out as an important part of your total health picture and not just as a way to help you squeeze into your high shchool jeans.

Don’t work out because you want to be perfect.  Work out because your inner athlete is dying to play. Work out in order to be whole.

Try, try again!

February 21, 2009



Cory as Atalanta on the TV show "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"

Cory as Atalanta on the TV show "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” Few times in our history has this old saying had so much merit. Times are tough right now for a lot of people all over the world, and the ones who are able to pick themselves up, brush it off and move on despite setbacks are the ones who will survive the best.  

Setbacks are not permanent. Just because you experienced one little setback doesn’t mean you’ll never succeed again.  Look at kids.  Kids don’t stop trying to walk because they fall down once.  They get up and down 100 times before they get it right.  We should all use this same principle… try, try again. 

The most successful athletes have also failed.  I personally lost a number of bodybuilding contests before I won my first Ms. Olympia.  I also went through a number of different careers before settling into this one. I went from designing hospitals to working in a lumber yard hauling 4×8 sheets of particle board. That doesn’t mean I failed at the others.

You aren’t the only person in the world who hasn’t succeeded on the first try and it is not a reflection upon your self-worth as a person.  It is just being human.

Remember it takes courage to work toward a goal ..why?.. Because you risk not achieving it. 

If you tried your best, then you can be proud of your accomplishments regardless of the end result.

My Dad use to tell me, “When you get knocked down you have two choices…to stay down or get up and try again.”  I always enjoyed getting back up.

Get up and get moving!

February 2, 2009


stretch cords are an excellent way to exercise at home or while traveling - any time.

stretch cords are an excellent way to exercise at home or while traveling - any time.

There are more than 30 million people in the U.S participating in resistance training. It surpasses any other form of exercise in the war on aging and disease.

A muscular body means; greater mobility, higher metabolic rate, greater resistance to fat accumulation, and even offers a solid layer of protection.

Our bodies develop according to the needs we place upon it.  Historically speaking, we are designed for the heavy-duty pursuit of food.  So can we blame our bodies for rebelling against us and our lazy computerized society?

Because we are driven to travel faster and farther in cars and planes, we sit even more. We are slaves chained to our computers and desks. Sore backs, rounded shoulders, sluggish blood, obesity, lack of energy have become the norm in our society. What’s up with that?

We have to keep moving and go to war against sedentary lifestyles. Let’s make the 21-century the healthiest of all!

It’s a new day! Let’s get up and get moving!


January 23, 2009

I received the following letter from Jeff Everson recently:

Dear Jeff:

"...almost 20 years ago when I saw that pose from Cory"

"...almost 20 years ago when I saw that pose from Cory"

Just wanted to thank you and Cory for starting me on my road to health and fitness many years ago.  Your latest Planet Muscle issue brought back a lot of memories.  As you can see, the first picture I attached was taken almost 20 years ago when I saw that pose from Cory (like you have on page 93).  Health and Fitness has been my passion every since.  I am currently a personal trainer and a natural figure competitor.  I am also a distributor for Beverly International and placed 2nd in their show last year!  I would love the opportunity to be featured in your magazine as an inspiration to others.  Hard work, time, and dedication does pay off!  I also attached a few photos from a recent photo shoot with Lisa Brewer. I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

 LeeAnn Biesenthal

I was really moved by LeeAnn’s letter, and here’s my response:

Hi beautiful LeeAnn,

Wow, what a fantastic letter. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos with me and your kind words of support. You are

"...from a recent photo shoot"

"...from a recent photo shoot"

truly a beautiful woman and in my opinion, you have a body that will challenge all the rest of the competitors in the world..Congratulations and know how proud I am of you and I wish you continued success and motivation. I know i wouldn’t like to have to compete against you…you would have taken my title form me…

If you are still competing send us an update…. but whatever you are doing you will find success…that is just the type of person you are. 

lots of love,


New Year – Old Memories

January 13, 2009


Cameo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and me at a Santa Margarita Ranch Fundraiser before his election. we love him and believe in him 100%!

Cameo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and me at a Santa Margarita Ranch Fundraiser before his election. We love him and believe in him 100%!

Hi, Friends –

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are off to a good start in this new year. During the holidays, I had a little time to go through some old stuff and found this treasured photo of Cameo and Arnold and me – I wanted to share it with you.

I’m so busy these days but will write more again soon.


Start the New Year right!

January 2, 2009

Now that the holiday season is over, many people find themselves facing their New Year’s Resolutions head-on. This is not always an easy task, because sometimes these resolutions cause an “internal conflict”, with the brain saying one thing and the “mind” saying another.

The brain is the main command center of the body that regulates your body temperature, hunger, and movement.  It is composed of about 100 billion neurons..  But, there is something else that is needed to run the body.

It’s called the MIND (we call it the Manager). Without it, none of the machines in the control room would work right.

Your brain says, “I need to lose a few lbs.”

Your mind responds, ” Yah right, who are you trying to fool – you know you always go off the program in 2 days.”

Your brain says, “I am going to start working out everyday”… but your mind says, “You hate exercise and you’ll never look good in tights, your thighs are the size of a line backer so just go out for the Packers!”

Your brain contains all the facts, but your mind is the observer who is always there to ‘comment’ by either cheering you up or dragging you down. It is your job to create a place where your mind becomes your best friend, supporting what your brain says in harmony to empower you to reach your goals. Remember your mind that tells your brain how to respond.

Try to clean out your ‘mental storage cabinet’ and keep the thoughts and memories that you  like, and throw out the rest.

Emotions that are pent-up always have a way of re-surfacing as depression or some self-destructive behavior. You should learn to ‘acknowledge’ these old feelings, but not hang onto them. They usually have nothing to do with what is really going on right now.

Your brain determines what you are going to do, or say, or feel every single day.  Unless you make it a conscious effort, your negative “old” thoughts will try to take over the positive “new” thoughts. 

If you have ever cried during a movie, you understand the physical responses your body has to images that aren’t even real to you.  If your brain and body can react to these unreal movie images, you can also program it to react in a positive way to those situations that are real.

You can choose to just quit replaying those old sad memories…and only go to the new happy ones.  You still know the bad memories exist, but you just don’t let them in.

So, let’s start the new year off with a positive mind-set! Hey, it can’t hurt, and can actually help make the days seem a bit brighter!


December 24, 2008

Let’s take a look at ourselves through a camera on a tripod.  This is our “ self image camera”.  Remember, how well we balance the tripod will determine how clear we see ourselves through the lens.

One leg represents the BODY. (All the fun and fitness, vacations, diet you do for yourself….)

Leg two represents the MIND. (Your daily life, including work, family, friends, school, responsibilities.)

The third leg represents the Soul. (the way you nurture your inner self, how you relax, your spirituality, do you meditate…)

If it’s all not in balance, the picture of your self-image is horribly out of focus.  Often times men have too much focus on their mind and neglect their body, while some women have too much focus on their body and neglect their soul.

We all need to correct this imbalance.  That’s what underlies our bad eating habits and the rest of our insecurities. Only when your mind and body are working together as a Mind /Body unit will you achieve lasting health and fitness.

grab the bull by the horns! (or kiss him on the nose!)

December 19, 2008



I seriously kissed the bull on the nose.... I love him...Buckshot is his name

I seriously kissed the bull on the nose.... I love him...Buckshot is his name

Why do people look at life as something they have to endure until something better comes along? Life may be challenging, but challenges should be looked at as stepping stones in the never-ending creation of who we are.

We’ve all had our own share of challenges. They told me I would never be able to walk again.  They told me I would die if I carried a baby.

I don’t view these challenges as some people might …as punishment.  Instead I look at them as just part of life’s confusing action-packed adventure that I don’t always have control of. 

There are always ways to work around any setback… if it is that dangerous to carry a baby, then adopt…big deal. 

Life is to feel great about you and live each day to it’s fullest. Quit just surviving each day and start living.

Remember what your 100 year old grandma said, ”I stayed up too late a few too many times, I had my share of greasy pizza and beer, an occasional piece of chocolate, but most of all I had a lot of FUN”    Never let defeat have the last word.


it’s time to quit obsessing and start living!

December 17, 2008

Americans are way too obsessed with physical appearance. We obsess about our stomachs, breasts, and butts, and spend billions on liposuction and weight loss pills. We think if we are skinny and look good we will be happy….wrong.

As a bodybuilder I understand all too well what it is like to focus compulsively on this or that body part to try to create perfection.

Now do me a favor and look at all those celebrities who you think are really leading great lives? Not many! Usually you see news about celebrities and drug or alcohol clinics, divorce, even death ….So…. Why do you want to be like these “superstars”?  What do they really have to teach us about being successful, and healthy?

Maybe the problem is they are not focused and are chasing too many dreams at once. The true answer to success is in Your Own Focus. If you chase two rabbits both will escape.

So chase one at a time and you’ll reach your goals…step by step.

60% of American women do not match the cover girl ideal and are a size 12 or higher and almost 50% are size 14 or above.  Since stress causes our bodies to store more fat, let’s not make it worse by stressing about these numbers. 

33% of the American population is overweight today compared to only 25%, 20 years ago. So where is all this obsessing getting us?  Nowhere but with bigger waistlines and higher body at percentages.

Now listen to this. The Wall Street Journal asked both men and women  “Would you like to weigh 15 lb. less or live 5 years longer?”  The majority of the men wanted to live longer but the majority of the women wanted to weigh less.  Can you believe a person would choose death over weighting a little less. This absolutely distorted view about our self-image is carried into all of our relationships, from family to coworkers.Isn’t it time we all take a good look within and find our true beauty … from the inside out.

Now is the time to quit obsessing and start living.

Joe Weider – my friend, my rock

December 11, 2008

Cameo, Joe Weider and Cory

Cameo, Joe Weider and Cory

My sister, Cameo and I went to see Joe Weider today. We hadn’t seen him in a long time. He looked so handsome. He was strong, healthy, happy and as vibrant as ever. What an amazing man to have created such an empire in the publication industry, and through the spreading of his research of nutrition and exercise, he created the very business of Health and Fitness.

I have always given such great thanks and appreciation for Joe as our leader – the true hero of our sport. But even more importantly he is my friend, a man I can always count on and trust; a man I honor and whose friendship I so value; a man I will always love in my heart and soul forever and ever. He is like a dad to Camy and I. Joe has picked me up when I was down, been at my side at my greatest of moments, helped me in personal relationships, advised me in business and let me cry on his shoulder… a number of times. He is my rock – always has been, always will be. I am so lucky to have Mr. Weider in my life.

Thank you, Joe. 


Cameo (kissing), Joe Weider and Cory

Cameo (kissing), Joe Weider and Cory