Joe Weider – my friend, my rock

Cameo, Joe Weider and Cory

Cameo, Joe Weider and Cory

My sister, Cameo and I went to see Joe Weider today. We hadn’t seen him in a long time. He looked so handsome. He was strong, healthy, happy and as vibrant as ever. What an amazing man to have created such an empire in the publication industry, and through the spreading of his research of nutrition and exercise, he created the very business of Health and Fitness.

I have always given such great thanks and appreciation for Joe as our leader – the true hero of our sport. But even more importantly he is my friend, a man I can always count on and trust; a man I honor and whose friendship I so value; a man I will always love in my heart and soul forever and ever. He is like a dad to Camy and I. Joe has picked me up when I was down, been at my side at my greatest of moments, helped me in personal relationships, advised me in business and let me cry on his shoulder… a number of times. He is my rock – always has been, always will be. I am so lucky to have Mr. Weider in my life.

Thank you, Joe. 


Cameo (kissing), Joe Weider and Cory

Cameo (kissing), Joe Weider and Cory


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6 Responses to “Joe Weider – my friend, my rock”

  1. Alina Says:

    Wow! Joe looks fantastic. If any nonbeliever lurks around here, these pics should be enough proof.
    Of course, Cameo and you are gorgeous as always. Big hugs!

  2. Brian De Roo Says:

    Cory and Cammy … Hope this finds you both well… Teaching personal Fitness at Indio High School… now 21 years… Living in the desert area .. drop a line!! Brian (De Roo) from Madison days …

  3. cory everson Says:

    Hi Brian,
    camy and i both say hi. We can’t believer you remember us from madison days.
    We still hang out with each other every single day…just like in the old days.
    Are you married, did you have kids?
    We saw Jeff yesterday. He looks the same. i take the kids over there to see his 7 dogs, and giant turtles…
    Keep in touch. Love, cory

  4. Brian De Roo Says:

    Camy still wins the award for the hardest forehand ever hit on a tennis court … I would love to see you both … am married and expecting twins next month .. (better late than never) .. Seems like yesterday we were training at Camp Randall.. Haven’t been back to Mad town since leaving. What a wonderful city .. but i still love so cal…

    Hope you all took good notes regarding the kids.. these are my first.. good at dogs, cats and birds .. and other peoples kids … now time for my own.. holler at home e-mail…

    I am moving to a brand new school here in the desert next fall. I’d love to start the year right with a special guest speaker. Something that will get these kids on the road to a fit lifestyle… as opposed to the Michelin bodies I see stuffed into jeans wandering the malls nowdays … Interested???

    I had a fun chance meeting with Joe Weider a few years back while serving on the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sport… those on the Board included Arnold (Chair), Jack LaLanne, Bruce Jenner, ect.. Great ambassadors!!

    Take care and we will stay in touch … Brian

  5. Jeroen Obers Says:

    Hi Cory

    How are you doing. I just send your sister Cameo a message via Facebook. You are both such lovely and nice ladies. It is your personality that makes you nice, not your titles.

    Nice to hear that Cameo plays tennis as I am a vivid tennis player.

    Berry de Mey speaks high of you here in the Netherlands.

    I used to live in Libertyville, Illinois, not far from Racine, but now I live in the Netherlands at 2 km from the German border.

    I am a 38 year old male that is into bodybuilding/fitness. I love working out. When I started out in 1988 you were name of the game in Ms Olympia.

    I read some articles about you in fitness magazines over the years. Greetings to your family and the dogs.

    And do not forget to say hi to Cameo.

    Keep working out and always do your utmost best.


  6. Buddy Lincks Says:

    Hi Cameo,

    Not sure you’ll remember me from the times back @ UW-Whitewater? Just came across this site and thought I’d say “hi”.

    If you remember drop me a line!!!


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