it’s time to quit obsessing and start living!

Americans are way too obsessed with physical appearance. We obsess about our stomachs, breasts, and butts, and spend billions on liposuction and weight loss pills. We think if we are skinny and look good we will be happy….wrong.

As a bodybuilder I understand all too well what it is like to focus compulsively on this or that body part to try to create perfection.

Now do me a favor and look at all those celebrities who you think are really leading great lives? Not many! Usually you see news about celebrities and drug or alcohol clinics, divorce, even death ….So…. Why do you want to be like these “superstars”?  What do they really have to teach us about being successful, and healthy?

Maybe the problem is they are not focused and are chasing too many dreams at once. The true answer to success is in Your Own Focus. If you chase two rabbits both will escape.

So chase one at a time and you’ll reach your goals…step by step.

60% of American women do not match the cover girl ideal and are a size 12 or higher and almost 50% are size 14 or above.  Since stress causes our bodies to store more fat, let’s not make it worse by stressing about these numbers. 

33% of the American population is overweight today compared to only 25%, 20 years ago. So where is all this obsessing getting us?  Nowhere but with bigger waistlines and higher body at percentages.

Now listen to this. The Wall Street Journal asked both men and women  “Would you like to weigh 15 lb. less or live 5 years longer?”  The majority of the men wanted to live longer but the majority of the women wanted to weigh less.  Can you believe a person would choose death over weighting a little less. This absolutely distorted view about our self-image is carried into all of our relationships, from family to coworkers.Isn’t it time we all take a good look within and find our true beauty … from the inside out.

Now is the time to quit obsessing and start living.


One Response to “it’s time to quit obsessing and start living!”

  1. Alina Says:

    It’s a weird world, that’s for sure. It’s the same here. When I was in high school, my entire class was made of girls and I felt like drowning in an estrogen ocean. All day long you could here complains, complains, complains. I’m too fat, I’m too small, I’m too round, blah blah blah. My only sadness is that I’m not 6’3″. I’m cuckoo, I know, but I would have loved to be that tall. Still, I’m 5’4″ and I can’t complain. I’m average built going on athletic (with some more work and a better salary on the future, ’cause motivation is on duty 24/7, 365 days a year). And guys are absolutely the same. They just don’t show it all the time. Sure there’s no perfection. I doubt any Hollywood star looks that good, without proper lights and a decent quantity of make up. And now there’s all this stupid thing with loosing all the pregnancy fat after giving birth in one month or other short period anyway…Come on, that’s nonsense all the way! And by this, all the young women all over the world will try the miracle diet of X or Y, ’cause sure it works. Man…

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