Let’s take a look at ourselves through a camera on a tripod.  This is our “ self image camera”.  Remember, how well we balance the tripod will determine how clear we see ourselves through the lens.

One leg represents the BODY. (All the fun and fitness, vacations, diet you do for yourself….)

Leg two represents the MIND. (Your daily life, including work, family, friends, school, responsibilities.)

The third leg represents the Soul. (the way you nurture your inner self, how you relax, your spirituality, do you meditate…)

If it’s all not in balance, the picture of your self-image is horribly out of focus.  Often times men have too much focus on their mind and neglect their body, while some women have too much focus on their body and neglect their soul.

We all need to correct this imbalance.  That’s what underlies our bad eating habits and the rest of our insecurities. Only when your mind and body are working together as a Mind /Body unit will you achieve lasting health and fitness.


2 Responses to “balance”

  1. Alina Says:

    Indeed, balance is essential. Personally,I admit I must work some more on a few aspects.
    And since Christmas is coming, I want to wish you, Cory, and your entire family, a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (CRĂCIUN FERICIT!) xoxoxo

  2. Jeremy Paris Says:

    That is great advice. Sometimes I think my tripod only has one leg. I need to work on that.

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