Your inner athlete is dying to play!

cory-footballWhy do we think of athletes as only as those who play on a pro-team?  We are all athletes waiting to happen.  It is just that some of us haven’t yet discovered our natural inner athlete… we all have one. Whether you were a high school basketball star or a bookworm, each of us has an inner athlete.

We just have to find out what we think is fun.  Some people like golf, some like to walk, others like to swim.  Before we had ESPN2 and Workout Videos we had to engage in some sort of play and exercise. All animals engage in play… it’s in our genes. We just have to find it and let it out. 

Once you begin to experiment with different exercise classes and activities, you can find the one that fits best for you. To find your own personal balance you have to think of working out as an important part of your total health picture and not just as a way to help you squeeze into your high shchool jeans.

Don’t work out because you want to be perfect.  Work out because your inner athlete is dying to play. Work out in order to be whole.


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5 Responses to “Your inner athlete is dying to play!”

  1. docbrok Says:

    Always been a fan. You look great as ever.

  2. Alina Says:

    I loved soccer (simply football for us here) and I still do. I played a lot growing up. And as the title say, I’m dying to play again. But society would not regard me well at all. Medieval mentality. But I can play other sports, basketball for example, even though I’m not that good.

  3. Rae Says:

    This is so strange. Just yesterday I blogged an article by Bill Dobbins that had your picture on it and spoke about you, and today I find your blog. Can I just say that you are such a huge inspiration to me and I look forward to reading back over your blog.

    Kind regards,
    Rae Cattach

  4. Patty Funk Says:

    Cory, I’ve always been your fan! You look great. Thank you for your continued “fitness” ways.

    I want to get into the area of your diet and fitness tips/video’s and workouts. At age 52 and 5’2″ at 294 pounds. I have a big journey ahead. I’ve tried to “loose” the weight and be a “very toned” person; got sidetracked a lot.

    This year, is my turn. How much do you charge for an autographed photo?


  5. robert Says:

    hi cory im a little overweight i use to jump of the ground holding one leg like if i was going to cross it and i use to have at least a four pack ab but now im a little flabby what can i do to get my body the way when i use to do these things

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