About Cory Everson

cory-bio-11Six-time Ms. Olympia Bodybuilding Champ, fitness expert, actress, model, businesswoman, activist, wife and mom.

To quote from the February, 2008 article in Ironman Magazine, “Profiles – Cory at 50!”…

“Her goal is no longer to win the Ms. Olympia. Now it’s to build a great life as well as a great body. At 50 Cory Everson’s priorities are home, family and relationships with friends. She still trains religiously; it’s just not the focal point of her life. She continues to support adoption agencies and saving lost dogs—and encouraging full, happy living through her books and seminars.”

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8 Responses to “About Cory Everson”

  1. Stewart Hill Says:

    Dear Cory,

    You are one of my heroines. When I was a teenager in England, I clearly remember watching you offer your expert commentary on televised bodybuilding competitions. Do you remember when Debbie McKnight won the U.S.A. Contest one year and you said at the end of the show: “Welcome to being here”? Well, I do. I remember everything you said, because I videotaped every show you appeared in and memorised every word. I also read all I could about you in the bodybuilding magazines, and I followed your career with great interest. You always inspired me to get into that gym, “go for the burn”, and sculpt my physique. I was fascinated to see in an issue of “Muscle & Fitness” an article and a photospread of you painting beautiful pictures. I do recall once hearing you say on a tv show: “I don’t have much of a family – except for my animals.” I always hoped that one day you would find a family to care for you – and it’s happened. I am so happy for you, Cory.
    You still inspire me. I’m thirty-seven years old now; and I’m still working out as hard as ever.

    Yours sincerely, a true fan,

    Stewart (in England).

  2. eric g Says:

    Very cool. Loved bodyshaping!

  3. Kevin Says:

    Best wishes for you and your family Cory! Gotta Sweat was the best exercise show ever! Please consider a DVD release!

  4. Giovanni Says:

    Pardone me,but wasn t Cory Everson married to Jeff Everson at one point or was he just her coach and training partner? she was and is an extremely beautiful woman,I stoppped following bb at about the time she retired from competitive bodybuilding,but I will never forget her,those beautiful,sparkling big eyes…omg,there is no one like her that i know of. best wishes to you,respectfully. Giovanny Socci.

  5. Rachel Says:

    Cory, you look wonderful!! I grew up, “with you”, bodyshaping was awesome and taught me great fitness habits. Today, I am 35 years old, still working out. About 2years ago I kicked the weight lifting into high gear, and I am very happy with my results…even though the legs still need some work (slow process due to weak hip flexors!)
    You are an icon, to me and reading your blog as been inspirational.

    Thank You,

  6. Lisa Says:

    Back in the early ’90’s, I lost 60 lbs using Cory’s Step I & II video.
    Over the years, I’ve gained and lost off and on and have always used that video as part of my exercise regiment to get the weight off.
    I’m 42 back at it again….working on going from 150 back down to 125 and doing that old video again….AND I still have my Cory step to do it on!
    Just wanted to thank you for a tried and true way to exercise…..THIS TIME I’M STICKING WITH IT!

  7. Babs Hogan Says:

    Hey Cory,

    When I show your photos from the February 2008 Ironman Magazine article, the college students in my Weight Training classes freak! They just can’t believe a woman over 40 could look as fit and shapely as you do! On top of that, you eat raw cookie dough and STILL look great!

    I loved writing the article for you and about you and look forward to writing another one SOON…the world awaits for part two.

    Babs Hogan

  8. Wendy Says:

    I followed you, Rachael, Gladys, Carla, and even Bev. You were all my heroines. Strong, sassy, talented, beautiful women that I wanted to be like, and maybe, just maybe, I can do that again.
    I am so glad to see you happy and doing what you love.
    Holiday blessings to you and your family.


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