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New Year – Old Memories

January 13, 2009


Cameo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and me at a Santa Margarita Ranch Fundraiser before his election. we love him and believe in him 100%!

Cameo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and me at a Santa Margarita Ranch Fundraiser before his election. We love him and believe in him 100%!

Hi, Friends –

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are off to a good start in this new year. During the holidays, I had a little time to go through some old stuff and found this treasured photo of Cameo and Arnold and me – I wanted to share it with you.

I’m so busy these days but will write more again soon.



grab the bull by the horns! (or kiss him on the nose!)

December 19, 2008



I seriously kissed the bull on the nose.... I love him...Buckshot is his name

I seriously kissed the bull on the nose.... I love him...Buckshot is his name

Why do people look at life as something they have to endure until something better comes along? Life may be challenging, but challenges should be looked at as stepping stones in the never-ending creation of who we are.

We’ve all had our own share of challenges. They told me I would never be able to walk again.  They told me I would die if I carried a baby.

I don’t view these challenges as some people might …as punishment.  Instead I look at them as just part of life’s confusing action-packed adventure that I don’t always have control of. 

There are always ways to work around any setback… if it is that dangerous to carry a baby, then adopt…big deal. 

Life is to feel great about you and live each day to it’s fullest. Quit just surviving each day and start living.

Remember what your 100 year old grandma said, ”I stayed up too late a few too many times, I had my share of greasy pizza and beer, an occasional piece of chocolate, but most of all I had a lot of FUN”    Never let defeat have the last word.


it’s time to quit obsessing and start living!

December 17, 2008

Americans are way too obsessed with physical appearance. We obsess about our stomachs, breasts, and butts, and spend billions on liposuction and weight loss pills. We think if we are skinny and look good we will be happy….wrong.

As a bodybuilder I understand all too well what it is like to focus compulsively on this or that body part to try to create perfection.

Now do me a favor and look at all those celebrities who you think are really leading great lives? Not many! Usually you see news about celebrities and drug or alcohol clinics, divorce, even death ….So…. Why do you want to be like these “superstars”?  What do they really have to teach us about being successful, and healthy?

Maybe the problem is they are not focused and are chasing too many dreams at once. The true answer to success is in Your Own Focus. If you chase two rabbits both will escape.

So chase one at a time and you’ll reach your goals…step by step.

60% of American women do not match the cover girl ideal and are a size 12 or higher and almost 50% are size 14 or above.  Since stress causes our bodies to store more fat, let’s not make it worse by stressing about these numbers. 

33% of the American population is overweight today compared to only 25%, 20 years ago. So where is all this obsessing getting us?  Nowhere but with bigger waistlines and higher body at percentages.

Now listen to this. The Wall Street Journal asked both men and women  “Would you like to weigh 15 lb. less or live 5 years longer?”  The majority of the men wanted to live longer but the majority of the women wanted to weigh less.  Can you believe a person would choose death over weighting a little less. This absolutely distorted view about our self-image is carried into all of our relationships, from family to coworkers.Isn’t it time we all take a good look within and find our true beauty … from the inside out.

Now is the time to quit obsessing and start living.

Joe Weider – my friend, my rock

December 11, 2008

Cameo, Joe Weider and Cory

Cameo, Joe Weider and Cory

My sister, Cameo and I went to see Joe Weider today. We hadn’t seen him in a long time. He looked so handsome. He was strong, healthy, happy and as vibrant as ever. What an amazing man to have created such an empire in the publication industry, and through the spreading of his research of nutrition and exercise, he created the very business of Health and Fitness.

I have always given such great thanks and appreciation for Joe as our leader – the true hero of our sport. But even more importantly he is my friend, a man I can always count on and trust; a man I honor and whose friendship I so value; a man I will always love in my heart and soul forever and ever. He is like a dad to Camy and I. Joe has picked me up when I was down, been at my side at my greatest of moments, helped me in personal relationships, advised me in business and let me cry on his shoulder… a number of times. He is my rock – always has been, always will be. I am so lucky to have Mr. Weider in my life.

Thank you, Joe. 


Cameo (kissing), Joe Weider and Cory

Cameo (kissing), Joe Weider and Cory

Me? Cory Everson? Dancing With the Stars?

December 10, 2008


dancing with barbell

dancing with barbell

I’ve been watching Dancing With the Stars…. I have parts of me that want to do it…. what do you think? I use to be able to dance a little when I was younger but – hey – at 50 I have no idea what I can do now. My sister wants me to, so maybe if we all email the show we can see if we can get an invitation? Can you imagine a 50 year old muscle mama with biceps bigger than the male dancers on the show?  It actually could be fun, but I think one has to be invited…

Lets think about that for a minute ….Hmmmm…… Let me know your thoughts!

If you like this idea, please contact Dancing with the Stars by going to


Cory with Tom Bergeron, host of Dancing With The Stars, and Shannon Ferar-Griefer, champion ultra runner at a benefit for Autism Research

Cory with Tom Bergeron, host of Dancing With The Stars, and Shannon Ferar-Griefer, champion ultra runner at a benefit for Autism Research

a letter from one of our soldiers

December 8, 2008


this is the poster I sent to Sgt. Peragine

this is the poster I sent to Sgt. Peragine

Hi, Friends –

I want to share this letter I received from one of our soldiers who recently returned from Iraq. I am so humbled and grateful to receive such a compliment! Read on:

Good evening Cory,

My name is SGT Robert Peragine, recently home from a tour in Iraq.  You can probably figure out that the days and nights there are very long and tiresome.  I wanted to tell you a little morale boosting story from when my platoon was stationed overseas.  

Morale is a difficult thing to keep high when faced with the types of situations we dealt with daily in Iraq.  To help out my men, I downloaded a picture of you to hang in our barracks as a “this is what we are fighting for back home” type of thing.  I can’t tell you how much the men loved the photo and of course, what a boost in their morale right away!  Some of the men even got a bit jealous that “she is in better shape than we are.”  Well, they were right about that.

I wanted to ask Cory, if it would be possible for you to send me an autographed photo now that I have returned back home.  I would like something to put in my office for the men to see when they come in.  Perhaps one for myself too if I may ask, just as a talking point when I tell my friends back home of how you helped us in the war effort.  I realize this is an odd request and would understand if you could not fill my request.  Just know that what you do everyday does have a positive on others lives.

Warmest regards,

Robert Peragine

Of course I’m sending him the requested photos! And following is my response to Sgt. Peragine:

Dear SGT. Peragine,
Wow what can I say. This letter touched my heart like you wouldn’t
believe. It meant so much.

I have such respect and deep admiration for all of you who serve our
country. What I have done pales in comparison to anything you all do, are
and stand for. But, it made me remember that we are all here for a purpose,
big or small – we all can make a difference, and when you least expect it
you can impact someone in some positive way.

Thank you for honoring me and giving me that chance to impact some of you. You are all my heroes. 
And yes of course I will send you photos… 
By the way what is the name of your platoon? 
Thank you again for making me feel for even a moment that I helped . 

Love to you all,


‘Tis the Season…Cory’s advice for surviving “holiday eating”

December 6, 2008


January, 2009 cover of Planet Muscle Magazine starring Cory!

January, 2009 cover of Planet Muscle Magazine featuring Cory!

Welcome to one of the toughest times of the year for trying to stay fit and healthy by making the smartest choices possible during the holiday season. We know what is right and what is wrong as far as eating goes – the hard part is sticking to it and saying YES to the okay items and NO to the horrible ones.  Remember, it only tasted good as it passed over the lips, and from that point on it became a burden to lose… so, is that brief encounter with joy worth the long hours it takes to get rid of it?   I think NOT….to me that one moment of ‘yummy’ is not worth the many days of sweat and dieting it will take to remove it.

Yet food is such an important part of many holiday celebrations, family and cultural traditions. So many people gain a little (or in some cases a little too much) weight between Thanksgiving and New Years. But, who is to blame? YOU… simple and honest answer but oh so true.  Yes, there are tempting goodies, but YOU are the one person who decides what to scarf down and what to resist. Only YOU know how your body works and how hard it is to regain your figure. For some of us it is such a difficult task that it’s not at all worth the temptations.  No family or friend can make you eat high calorie treats. Only YOU can reach for the goodie plate and it is only YOUR fault what the consequences hold. No one can pressure YOU to overeat and no one can force YOU to take foods that are not on your OK list.

Some people have increased “emotional eating” from the extra stress they feel this time of year. Others forget about their daily walks and workouts during the holidays, while others still just push it all off to the New Year and say “I will just relax and eat what I want until the New Year, when I get strict again on January 1.”

Well, no matter what the excuses are, it is NOT necessary to lock yourself in your room and not participate in holiday gatherings and parties! You need NOT avoid festivities in an attempt to maintain your weight,  or even lose a few pounds.

I have never gained more than about 3 pounds over the holidays, and in some years I actually lose. I am more conscious of the parties, so I eat healthy foods there – fresh veggies, salads, whole wheat crackers or pretzels instead of chips, cheese, sauces, dips and the like. I try to fill up on the healthy things that, believe it or not, are at every party. I have learned to say “oh, no thank you,” or “I just had one,” or “I can’t eat another bite” when offered things I know I will regret later. It is actually very easy to do – just walk away from those tempting areas and sit by the less tempting. Don’t even begin nibbling on the bad foods or it will be harder to stop. You can go to any party you want and be able to leave feeling proud and in control and happy, vs. cursing having gone in the first place.

The bottom line is it all starts and stops with YOU. No one as I said can force you to take something you know is unhealthy. It is all on your own shoulders, like so many things in life. NO one forces you to run red lights, no one forces you to steal, no one forces you to smoke or drink and no one can influence you to make poor food choices. I live around yummy treats for kids, but I have learned to “eat to live” not “live to eat.”

It is so so so so (did I say SO) easy…. You just have to be your own boss. Give it a try. Over the holidays when you may not go to the gym or to your fitness classes, don’t sweat it. You can still go for a walk every day, no matter what area you are in. I walk my way lean, I walk off my holiday treats, and I walk off my stress. I walk off those extra calories. And you, too, can walk off the pounds even during the holidays if you just make good food choices and keep on walking. Trust me it works…

Tomorrow I will share my top 10 diet and fitness tips for fully enjoying the holiday season without gaining weight. In the meantime, stay strong and say “tis the season” with a smile!

A Cowboy Weekend

December 5, 2008
Nina rides the bull

Nina rides the bull

Hi my Blog Buddies,

On Halloween, the family went to Las Vegas as we do every year to watch the World Final Pro Bull Riding Championships. My sister, Cameo’s husband is the CEO of the PBR and we always have such a great time.

Bo and Nina rode a mechanical bull, and of course Nina stayed on longest.

My Mom flew out to join us and we Trick-or-Treated at the hotel at Mandalay Bay. Some guy put that sign in Nina’s hands and we now see what it said… Real funny.

You should try a cowboy weekend sometime, jeans, hats, and big belt buckles… It is a blast!


(go to the Photo Gallery to see more pics)

A Happier Holiday, thanks to Hartman House

December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving can be such a wonderful, happy time for so many, but an equally difficult time for many others who are struggling to feed their families and, well just survive.

Before Thanksgiving I participated with the Hartman House Foundation – we gathered over 30 kids and had a fashion show to raise money to feed the hungry. We rehearsed for 3 weeks and it was awesome. We made enough money to feed 1000 families in a small town in Texas. These families only eat one meal a day, and it is the one the school feeds the kids at lunchtime. Other than that, they eat nothing. 

The Hartman House is a foundation that raises money for not only feeding the hungry but giving scholarships to kids in need, building homes for the homeless and we worked with them on this event. I think they are going to post photos in their official site   Check it out.

Times are tough for a lot of people these days – please remember those especially in need this holiday season by giving whatever and wherever you can. Even the little gestures can make a big difference in someone’s life, including your own!

Kisses and bless you all!


A Belated Happy Thanksgiving! (and how I damaged my wing…)

December 1, 2008


I am a little late wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, as I was out of town in Puerto Vallarta at my father-in-law’s condominium. We went as a family and had the most wonderful time, nice and quiet and peaceful. Steve, Boris, Nina and Grandpa were all there. Every day we fished, swam, hiked, looked for shells. We found only living sand dollars, star fish, and giant turtles and we always threw them back deep into the ocean so the tourists couldn’t find them to bring home.
My family has a huge appreciation for life and it sickens us to see people picking up living creatures and killing them so they can take them home and most likely throw them out when they get there.
In fact my daughter would go up to those people and tell them to hurry and throw their finds back into the ocean before they died… the looks she got from the tourists were amazing, like “why would I throw back this starfish I want to let dry out and bring home?” People just don’t realize that all living creatures deserve to live and have feelings. Anyway, we can’t change the world but we can try to influence people one person at a time.
The last day I took Nina down to the beach and was teaching her gymnastics. She is 10 years old now. We were working on front and back walkovers and front handsprings … I was spotting her, though not doing them myself like I wanted to. On her last front handspring, I reached in with a straight arm and had to push her forward with a very quick movement and suddenly heard a giant pop and felt a flash of pain in my right bicep and forearm. I ripped my bicep tendon… Nina heard it too and asked what the noise was, thinking she had hit me in the head or something.
So I can’t flex or move my right arm… I see the doctors on Tuesday to find out what is next. It didn’t rip off the bone totally, as the muscle did not roll up into my upper arm, but I think the  tendon was torn and there is a bit left keeping the bicep attached. I will keep you posted as to what the diagnosis is.
In the meantime, I’ve posted some pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend on my new photo gallery page if you want to have a look.

Gotta go for now. 
Kisses and bless you all!