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Your inner athlete is dying to play!

April 2, 2009

cory-footballWhy do we think of athletes as only as those who play on a pro-team?  We are all athletes waiting to happen.  It is just that some of us haven’t yet discovered our natural inner athlete… we all have one. Whether you were a high school basketball star or a bookworm, each of us has an inner athlete.

We just have to find out what we think is fun.  Some people like golf, some like to walk, others like to swim.  Before we had ESPN2 and Workout Videos we had to engage in some sort of play and exercise. All animals engage in play… it’s in our genes. We just have to find it and let it out. 

Once you begin to experiment with different exercise classes and activities, you can find the one that fits best for you. To find your own personal balance you have to think of working out as an important part of your total health picture and not just as a way to help you squeeze into your high shchool jeans.

Don’t work out because you want to be perfect.  Work out because your inner athlete is dying to play. Work out in order to be whole.


Get up and get moving!

February 2, 2009


stretch cords are an excellent way to exercise at home or while traveling - any time.

stretch cords are an excellent way to exercise at home or while traveling - any time.

There are more than 30 million people in the U.S participating in resistance training. It surpasses any other form of exercise in the war on aging and disease.

A muscular body means; greater mobility, higher metabolic rate, greater resistance to fat accumulation, and even offers a solid layer of protection.

Our bodies develop according to the needs we place upon it.  Historically speaking, we are designed for the heavy-duty pursuit of food.  So can we blame our bodies for rebelling against us and our lazy computerized society?

Because we are driven to travel faster and farther in cars and planes, we sit even more. We are slaves chained to our computers and desks. Sore backs, rounded shoulders, sluggish blood, obesity, lack of energy have become the norm in our society. What’s up with that?

We have to keep moving and go to war against sedentary lifestyles. Let’s make the 21-century the healthiest of all!

It’s a new day! Let’s get up and get moving!


January 23, 2009

I received the following letter from Jeff Everson recently:

Dear Jeff:

"...almost 20 years ago when I saw that pose from Cory"

"...almost 20 years ago when I saw that pose from Cory"

Just wanted to thank you and Cory for starting me on my road to health and fitness many years ago.  Your latest Planet Muscle issue brought back a lot of memories.  As you can see, the first picture I attached was taken almost 20 years ago when I saw that pose from Cory (like you have on page 93).  Health and Fitness has been my passion every since.  I am currently a personal trainer and a natural figure competitor.  I am also a distributor for Beverly International and placed 2nd in their show last year!  I would love the opportunity to be featured in your magazine as an inspiration to others.  Hard work, time, and dedication does pay off!  I also attached a few photos from a recent photo shoot with Lisa Brewer. I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

 LeeAnn Biesenthal

I was really moved by LeeAnn’s letter, and here’s my response:

Hi beautiful LeeAnn,

Wow, what a fantastic letter. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos with me and your kind words of support. You are

"...from a recent photo shoot"

"...from a recent photo shoot"

truly a beautiful woman and in my opinion, you have a body that will challenge all the rest of the competitors in the world..Congratulations and know how proud I am of you and I wish you continued success and motivation. I know i wouldn’t like to have to compete against you…you would have taken my title form me…

If you are still competing send us an update…. but whatever you are doing you will find success…that is just the type of person you are. 

lots of love,


10 tips for enjoying the holidays WITHOUT gaining weight

December 7, 2008

cory-santaReady for those holiday parties? Remember, it’s all up to YOU whether you over-indulge or not! Yesterday I shared a few of my methods for keeping myself fit during the holiday season. Let’s take it a step further.

Consider these 10 tips for fully enjoying the holiday season without gaining weight!

  1. Focus on weight maintenance vs. weight loss during the holidays. If you are currently overweight and want to lose weight, this is a tough time to do it. Maintaining your present weight is a big enough challenge during the holiday season. Don’t set yourself up for failure by making unrealistic goals for yourself, although I do know many people who have actually lost weight during the holidays by just being consistent and using self-discipline.
  2. DON’T plan on dieting after the New Year because the anticipation of food restriction sets you up for binge-type eating during the holidays. “If I’m never going let myself eat these foods after Jan. 1st, I might as well eat as much as can right now!” Hey, restrictive diets don’t work in the long run. They increase your loss of lean body mass vs. fat, slow down your metabolism, increase anxiety, depression, and binge eating, and make weight re-gain more likely.
  3. Be physically active every day. You know my philosophy; a little extra exercise is better than no exercise at all. Often, our non-structured holiday schedules knock us off our otherwise regulated exercise routines. Any physical activity, especially of the aerobic nature like walking, bicycling,  blading or  swimming will help relieve stress, re-energize you and even lower your appetite, all while burning up unwanted calories.
  4. As I mentioned earlier fill up on healthy veggies before going to parties. Even have a protein shake … The worst thing you can do is arrive at a party starving, just like shopping hungry. It will set you up for failure. You will overeat, and most likely not be able to resist those tempting higher calorie foods.
  5. Make a plan. It’s much easier to deal with a difficult social eating situation if you’ve already planned for it. So think it through – what is going to temp you there? What treat will you allow yourself, if any? What will you give up in your day to allow for that treat? Minimize your obstacles and potential failures by thinking about them in advance and avoiding those “bad choice” situations. Even alcohol – beware! Once you have had one drink, many people get sloppy and loosen up their quest to keep on the healthy food track. Know in advance that drinking is what causes some people to become weak in their decision-making skills… Minimize your alcohol, anyway, as it is extremely fattening.
  6. Do you have to plan luncheons for the holidays? Why always focus holiday gatherings on food? Who really needs to eat so much all the time? Why not get groups of friends together and go to the park, or to an art museum or observatory or bowling, etc. There are so many fun things to do other than sitting around a table and having a margarita… use your imagination. We are planning a holiday trip to Magic Mountain…and I am talking about adults, not kids. Do something non-food related. Do not eat beyond your body’s hunger level just because food is there in front of you. Get up and remove yourself from that situation. Go walk around the host’s house, look at their plants and artwork. Just get up off your butt and move yourself out of that situation of sitting near food when you’ve already had enough.
  7. It is so easy to reduce the fat in holiday recipes. There are plenty of low fat and low calorie substitutes that you can use. We all know the trick of using applesauce in place of oil in your holiday breads; use egg substitutes in place of whole eggs. Go online and find low fat recipes. Use your common sense. Just cut down on any fat additives. You don’t need to use the egg yolks in baking and you also don’t need to have so much oil or shortening, either. Again, just use your head and cut these items way way way down… I don’t even have vegetable oil in my house… I never need it…not even when I am baking brownies. They taste totally the same without it.
  8. We already talked about drinks. Alcohol is high in calories. Liquors, sweet wines and sweet mixed drinks contain 150-450 calories per glass. Yuck, who needs those extra calories? Not me.  By contrast, water and diet sodas are calorie-free. If you choose to drink, select light wines and beers, and use non-alcoholic mixers such as water and diet soda. Limit your intake to 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks per occasion. Beware of fruit juices and punches and – oh my – egg nog….holy cow, look out for those calories!
  9. Enjoy good friends and family. Joy and fun don’t come with having to eat – no they come from your friends and conversations and communication…food is just an additive, not the main staple of a good time. Your focus should be on fun and people, not on food. Holidays are a time to celebrate our loved ones and give thanks for what we have. Never forget that balance, and moderation is key. It is easier to maintain a healthy diet and healthy choices than to continually go on and off and on and off good and bad foods all the time. I have lived my life eating pretty much healthy things with occasional treats like chocolate chip cookies and ice cream, but 90% of the time I am making deliberate good choices…and in the long run, I can say I feel and look pretty good for a person my age and I don’t have to struggle to do so because of the routine I’ve chosen.
  10. And don’t fret…. Overeating one day here or there won’t make or break your eating plan and most likely won’t even make you gain weight…. as long as it is only occasional. Honestly, it takes many days of eating more calories than you burn to actually gain weight. So if you fall off the program temporarily, don’t throw in the towel and give up totally. Just get back on the horse as quickly as possible before you cause permanent weight gain.

So, go out there and have fun! Remember, you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday festivities more if you feel good about yourself!


‘Tis the Season…Cory’s advice for surviving “holiday eating”

December 6, 2008


January, 2009 cover of Planet Muscle Magazine starring Cory!

January, 2009 cover of Planet Muscle Magazine featuring Cory!

Welcome to one of the toughest times of the year for trying to stay fit and healthy by making the smartest choices possible during the holiday season. We know what is right and what is wrong as far as eating goes – the hard part is sticking to it and saying YES to the okay items and NO to the horrible ones.  Remember, it only tasted good as it passed over the lips, and from that point on it became a burden to lose… so, is that brief encounter with joy worth the long hours it takes to get rid of it?   I think NOT….to me that one moment of ‘yummy’ is not worth the many days of sweat and dieting it will take to remove it.

Yet food is such an important part of many holiday celebrations, family and cultural traditions. So many people gain a little (or in some cases a little too much) weight between Thanksgiving and New Years. But, who is to blame? YOU… simple and honest answer but oh so true.  Yes, there are tempting goodies, but YOU are the one person who decides what to scarf down and what to resist. Only YOU know how your body works and how hard it is to regain your figure. For some of us it is such a difficult task that it’s not at all worth the temptations.  No family or friend can make you eat high calorie treats. Only YOU can reach for the goodie plate and it is only YOUR fault what the consequences hold. No one can pressure YOU to overeat and no one can force YOU to take foods that are not on your OK list.

Some people have increased “emotional eating” from the extra stress they feel this time of year. Others forget about their daily walks and workouts during the holidays, while others still just push it all off to the New Year and say “I will just relax and eat what I want until the New Year, when I get strict again on January 1.”

Well, no matter what the excuses are, it is NOT necessary to lock yourself in your room and not participate in holiday gatherings and parties! You need NOT avoid festivities in an attempt to maintain your weight,  or even lose a few pounds.

I have never gained more than about 3 pounds over the holidays, and in some years I actually lose. I am more conscious of the parties, so I eat healthy foods there – fresh veggies, salads, whole wheat crackers or pretzels instead of chips, cheese, sauces, dips and the like. I try to fill up on the healthy things that, believe it or not, are at every party. I have learned to say “oh, no thank you,” or “I just had one,” or “I can’t eat another bite” when offered things I know I will regret later. It is actually very easy to do – just walk away from those tempting areas and sit by the less tempting. Don’t even begin nibbling on the bad foods or it will be harder to stop. You can go to any party you want and be able to leave feeling proud and in control and happy, vs. cursing having gone in the first place.

The bottom line is it all starts and stops with YOU. No one as I said can force you to take something you know is unhealthy. It is all on your own shoulders, like so many things in life. NO one forces you to run red lights, no one forces you to steal, no one forces you to smoke or drink and no one can influence you to make poor food choices. I live around yummy treats for kids, but I have learned to “eat to live” not “live to eat.”

It is so so so so (did I say SO) easy…. You just have to be your own boss. Give it a try. Over the holidays when you may not go to the gym or to your fitness classes, don’t sweat it. You can still go for a walk every day, no matter what area you are in. I walk my way lean, I walk off my holiday treats, and I walk off my stress. I walk off those extra calories. And you, too, can walk off the pounds even during the holidays if you just make good food choices and keep on walking. Trust me it works…

Tomorrow I will share my top 10 diet and fitness tips for fully enjoying the holiday season without gaining weight. In the meantime, stay strong and say “tis the season” with a smile!

Welcome to my new blog!

November 30, 2008

Cory Everson works out

Cory Everson at 50 (Ironman Magazine photo shoot)


Hi, Friends,

Welcome to my blog! I can’t wait to meet you all!

I will keep you posted with any new fitness info I dig up, as well as exercise tips, diet information, motivation and more. I hope lots of good friendships will be made on our site because we all have one thing in common: the love of our health and bodies and the will to make our lives better through smart and healthy choices.

You know about me, who I am, where I came from, and what I have done in my life. Now I would love to hear about you, so please share your thoughts by leaving comments (see “Comments” link below).

If you know of any friends or relatives who need a little positive energy, then you, too have to be leaders and possibly guide them too to our blog, as maybe we can influence them as well.

Gotta go for now.

Lots of love to you all and again thank you all for being part of our community!


Coming soon! The official Cory Everson Fitness Blog!

November 15, 2008

Stay tuned… we’re working on putting together one of the best fitness blogs in the blogosphere! Cory, herself, will share her thoughts, methods and stories about staying fit and healthy, keeping your family fit and healthy and observations about life, itself.

We appreciate your patience and promise to make it worth the wait!